First Day in Blogging School

Greetings from beautiful Newark, Delaware! I’m a recently retired housing planner interested in making a few bucks online using my experience as a writer. I’m able to be leisurely about my online search for writing jobs because I have enough income to live on, so I set myself a rough timeline of several months to learn about the online writing “industry”. Many experienced online writers advised starting a blog as a way of developing a portfolio for prospective employers.  

So I am.

My blog is about my lifelong interest in all things food-related. It’s called Cook, Eat, Repeat.  I’m pretty sure my food blog needs to be more specific than “I love to cook and eat”; right now my more narrow concept reflects the lifestyle of a retired person in her sixties. I am a from-scratch cook for almost everything, and I just can’t enjoy frozen foods or even supermarket bread, but I am no longer interested in the time and effort to bring a big meal to the table with everything simultaneously hot off the stove. So I’ll be thinking what to call whatever that is as I learn how to blog.