In the time it takes to heat up the pan you can prepare shredded potato and diced onion for saute. Pair with leftover fried chicken.

Is this a familiar scenario for you? You finish work or doing something equally responsible, get in the car, and now you’re ready to please yourself. What’s for dinner? Sometimes the answer is waiting at home, but many times your hedonistic side kicks in and you think: “Dang, I am going to DO WHATEVER I WANT and indulge myself for dinner. Forget the stuff at home!” You’re hearing the siren song of shopping: buying something will make me feel better.

Sadly remembering that restaurant nachos cannot travel, you run through your options:

  • Something completely unhealthy
  • Healthy takeout that costs a lot
  • Semi-healthy takeout you need to eat hot
  • Supermarket #1 — something delicious that needs preparation
  • Supermarket #2 — expensive hors d’oeuvres
  • Supermarket #3 — a prepared dish you know will disappoint
  • Cheese shop

I usually humor this compulsion with something in the ten dollar range that can serve for more than one meal, like smoked salmon or a half pound of good cheese.

But more and more I just go home, motivated by money, for self-discipline, and because the thrill I anticipate is usually an illusion. But not before I’ve figured out in transit the indulgent meal–with minimum preparation–I will put together at home.


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