First Day in Blogging School

Greetings from beautiful Newark, Delaware! I’m a recently retired housing planner interested in making a few bucks online using my experience as a writer. I’m able to be leisurely about my online search for writing jobs because I have enough income to live on, so I set myself a rough timeline of several months to learn about the online writing “industry”. Many experienced online writers advised starting a blog as a way of developing a portfolio for prospective employers.  

So I am.

My blog is about my lifelong interest in all things food-related. It’s called Cook, Eat, Repeat.  I’m pretty sure my food blog needs to be more specific than “I love to cook and eat”; right now my more narrow concept reflects the lifestyle of a retired person in her sixties. I am a from-scratch cook for almost everything, and I just can’t enjoy frozen foods or even supermarket bread, but I am no longer interested in the time and effort to bring a big meal to the table with everything simultaneously hot off the stove. So I’ll be thinking what to call whatever that is as I learn how to blog.


5 thoughts on “First Day in Blogging School

  1. Wishing you a happy retirement I am also a cook from scratch cook and it is too hot here to spend hours in the kitchen so I choose to cook food which is simple and easy although I am lucky that my son when he is here cooks as does my daughter in law…Thank you for the follow 🙂


    • Enjoyed your post! I’m also new to the food blog scene. I wish I remembered more from my writing classes a million years ago in high school and college! I bet my mother-in-law has that cookbook! I married into an Italian family. Ahem, mommas boy. I’m not retired and it’s simply too hard to perfect anything. The photographer in me is appalled by me using my iPhone and selfy light to shoot, but hey, I’m also really cooking dinner after a long day! Good luck and I’m looking forward to more! Do you have a secret family Italian wedding soup or cookies? I figure when the time comes when I want to share one, I’ll have to add or subtract something so I don’t get shunned. 😉

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      • Thanks for the comment! My Italian side is my dad’s, and my mom was the cook, so we don’t have a lot of Italian family recipes. We went to my grandmom’s house for dinner a lot but she always served the same thing I swear: homemade spaghetti, ravioli, and meatballs. She would send us home with what she called pizza that was about an inch thick and eaten cold. It had almost no topping but at the same time the most amazing surface of a little drift of basil, garlic, a little of tomato, and some very subtle combination of olive oil and cheese. I went to a wedding celebration once at my Uncle Luigi’s and they served a soup that I recall as simply chicken broth and tiny little meatballs.


      • That pizza sounds similar to grandmas but more like 1/2 inch thick with tiny diced tomatoes and pepper served hot or cold, I don’t even think it has Parmesan on it – and the same soup! We make it on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I bet her spaghetti sauce was made with pork and simmered for hours with the meatballs.


      • Good Luck with your new blog..My photos are hit and miss I am not great but trying to get better…Unfortunately I don’t have A recipe for Italian wedding soup or anything like that 🙂 Thank you for dropping by 🙂


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